It all started in 1973, as the son of Turkish parents, Erci was born and bred in Berlin.

„I learned early on that for me the old traditions and ideas were not going to work. The possibility of bringing together different forms of art and culture has always been the source of my inspiration, and always will be.“

Beginning of the 90`s, after 2 years of studying Political Science at the Freie Universität, Berlin he got a job as DJ and presenter for the radio station KISS FM Berlin . They were the first 'Black Music' station in Germany. From there he was lucky enough to be influenced by lots of R'n'B, Soul, Hip Hop, Funk und Electro music.

His own productions were making headway and he hoped for the first big breakthrough - Hip Hop with oriental flavour and Turkish Rap. In 1994 he got to know the Rap duo KARAKAN from Nuerenberg and the band DA CRIME POSSE. In 1995 they brought out the album „Cartel“ which they had made together. This became a surprisingly huge success and sold over a million copies.

Oriental Hip Hop was born again and Erci E. wanted to carry on in the same direction. In 1997 he brought out his first solo album „Sohbet“.

In the same year he produced music for a TV film for one of the main German TV companies, ZDF. In 1998 Erci released his first recording with German lyrics "Weil ich 'n Türke bin". The song makes fun of the typical clishes in the everyday life of the Germans and the Turks and the way they live together.

Erci was still working in radio and at RBB I was one of the regular presenters of RADIO MULTIKULTI.

In 1999 he began to work with PETER MAFFAY on his project "Begegnungen" which became a great success, the highpoint of which was to tour with him throughout Germany.

His second solo album "Bin Arabama" came out in 2005. The way he produced it and the style of the songs was more rounded and mature than his previous work and brought a bit of fresh air the the music scene.

Since 2008 he had radioshows on Radio Fritz and You FM.


In 2011 after 15 years „Cartel“ came back together again and released the Album „Bugünkü Nesen Cartelden“

In 2012 Erci released a new single „Iki Tek“ it was produced for the Compilation Hip Hop album „Organize Oluyoruz 2“

In 2013 Erci E. released his latest Single with german lyrics. „Deutschland Sensin“ Released by DJ Tomekk on his Label „Boogie Down Berlin“.

Erci E. Has 2 Radioshows still on air. Metropol FM (turkish delight) and Radio Fritz (soundgarden).